That Looks About Right!

The plate will rotate on the spider, but not so freely as to be affected by the airbrush. And lastly glass is easily scrubbed!

Making a turntable for spraying from Kevin Green.


I thought I would share this idea with you all, so simple but brilliant.


You will need a defunct microwave, which I am sure we all have or know someone who has, or if not take a trip to the local tip.


Step 1

Take the plastic spider from the base that supports the glass plate you cook on. This will normally just sit on a drive pin from the motor inside.


Step 2

Find a suitable piece of wood, I have used an offcut of chipboard, anything flat and large enough will be ok.

Drill a hole in the centre the right size for the post in the base of the spider.


Step 3

Place the spider in the hole in the base, be careful to drill the hole so it is a push tight fit, and press the spider down.

Step 4

Simply take the glass plate used for cooking on and place it on the spider.


And there you have it! A simple way to rotate your model when spraying.




It works brilliantly!!!!!!!!