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Mick Cawley, founder member of Lincoln Model Club, died peacefully in his sleep, in Lincoln County Hospital, in the early hours of Tuesday, 24th May, 2005.  He had suffered a protracted and increasingly debilitating illness, involving the total failure of his bone marrow, and frequent and intrusive transfusions.  I was fortunate enough to visit him less than 24 hours before he died, and although he was shockingly weak, and could talk and move only extremely slowly, it was possible to still detect the old sparkle.

I first met Mick in the autumn of 1987.  He responded to a display and advertisement in the window of the old RAF recruiting office, and from that meeting grew what was to become Lincoln Model Club. 

From those very early days, it was obvious that Mick was someone you could depend on completely.  I have lost count of the number of shows and displays where Mick was the first to arrive and the last to leave.  He and Aud, and the campervan, became a regular feature of the Lincoln Model Club  Roadshow.  He would help to assemble displays and to dismantle them.  In between, he was always willing to sit behind a display to answer questions, engage in discussion or just represent the club.  Indeed, he told me that meeting interested and interesting people was one of the main attractions of such shows. 

I’m sure that we will all remember his sense of fun.  His laugh was never far away, and he had a seemingly bottomless well of anecdotes from his army days, all delivered in that characteristically self-deprecating, self-mocking style.  Moreover, he had vast amounts of patience with honest ignorance, and would take great pains to explain quite technical points in a way that the less mechanically gifted of us could understand. 

He gave generously of his time and knowledge to all at the club, especially newcomers, but of course it wasn’t all sweetness and light.  Although Mick was tolerant of ignorance born of a lack of knowledge, he did not suffer fools gladly, and incompetence, particularly corporate or official incompetence could make him angry, as could injustice and bigotry, and discussions of politics and/or religion could also get quite lively!  However, he will be remembered as a kind, warm, thoughtful and decent man, who made his mark on all of us who were lucky enough to know him.  Club meetings will feel empty without his warm chuckle.

Cheers, Mick.

Ian Crawford, May 2005

Mick Cawley : 1945-2005

Mick was a keen photographer and recorded details of many military vehicles.  To view some of his photographs, click below:

Mick’s Pics

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