That Looks About Right!
Class 1 - Aircraft, 1/85th scale and smaller
1st            Hawker Hunter                               A Brown
2nd            Shinden                                        G Ashley
Class 2 - Aircraft, 1/72nd scale (1/84th - 1/70th) Basic Kit
1st            Hercules                                       B Keates
1st            F4U Corsair                                   G Bullock
2nd            P-47 Thunderbolt                           G Bullock
Class 3 - Aircraft, 1/72nd scale (1/84th - 1/70th) Modified Kit											
Class 4 - Aircraft, 1/69th and larger, Basic Kit
1st            MiG-29                                          D Corban
2nd            Hawker Hunter                               R Morton
Class 5 - Aircraft, 1/69th and larger, Modified Kit
1st            Cygnet                                         G Moore
Class 6 - Aircraft, Scratchbuilt & Vacform, Any Scale
1st            Curtis P-40                                    G Bullock
2nd            Bristol Bulldog                               K Dolman
Class 7 - Junior (Under 17), Any Scale
1st            F-100 Super Sabre                           G Bullock
2nd            Lockheed P-38                                G Bullock
Class 8 - Aircraft, US Armed Forces, Any Scale									
Class 9 - Aircraft, RAF and FAA, Any Scale
1st            Chaos Figure                                  J Gudgeon
2nd            Heinkel He 162                              C Ashley
1st            MDD Phantom                                 T Potter
2nd            Hawker Hurricane                            B Pickering
Class 10 - Aircraft, Bombers, Any Scale
1st            BE.2C                                            T Beestring
Class 11 - Aircraft, “Stick & String”, Any Scale									
Class 12 - Aircraft, Rotorcraft, Any Scale
1st            Dornier Do 217E                             C Clay
1st            Sikorski HO4S-3                              N Swaby  
2nd            Sikorski Sea King                            N Pepper
Class 13 - Aircraft, “Foreign Forces”, Any Scale
1st            Hawker |Hunter                               P Wain
2nd            Catalina                                         R Allen
Class 14 - Aircraft Diorama, Any Scale									
Class 15 - Ships, Any Scale
1st            GD F-16 Hellenic AF                        D Foxall
2nd            MiG-15, Hungarian AF                      A Brown
1st            Japanese Navy Submarine                 A Toyne
2nd            HMS Medusa                                   R Allen
Class 16 - Miscellaneous
1st            GW Eldar Ranger                             M Harrop
2nd            Volgar                                           J Norman
Class 17 - Science Fiction, Any Scale									
Class 18 - Civilian Vehicles, Road, Any Scale
1st            Lizard Man                                     D Moore
2nd            Vost Royal Standard                        J Molyneux
1st            Lamborghini Galliardo                       I Hartup
2nd           Citroen DS                                       S Abbott
Class 19 - Civilian Vehicle, Competition & Track, Any Scale
1st            “Clearing the Aftermath”                   S McConnell
2nd            “Unwelcome Surprise”                      S McConnell
Class 20 - Military Diorama, Any Scale									
Class 21 - Military Vehicle, 1/51st scale and smaller (1/72nd & 1/76th)
1st            Nissan Skyline                                D Corban
2nd            Ferrari                                           N Hazelton
1st            M20 Utility Car                                J Ham
2nd            Tiger 2                                          B Keates
Class 22 - Military Vehicle, 1/51st - 1/40th scale(1/48th)
1st            “Afghan Graveyard”                           S McConnell
2nd            Sherman Mk.V                                  G Hallgate
Class 23 - Military Vehicle, 1/40th scale and larger(1/32nd & 1/35th)									
Class 24 - Figures up to 54mm (Nominal)
1st            KV-2                                              N Pepper
2nd            King Tiger                                      A Toyne
1st            Roman Soldier                                   G Proudfoot
Class 25 - Figures over 54 mm (Nominal)
1st            FDNY                                              J Taylor
Class 26 - Partial Figures & Busts
1st            Knight Hospitaller                            J Norman
2nd            Samurai                                         J Norman
Permanent Trophies (awarded annually)					
Best of Show - Military                               “Afghan Graveyard” - S McConnell				
Best of Show - Aircraft                                																		F4U Corsair - G Bullock				
Rotherham Trophy                                					“Afghan Graveyard” - S McConnell			
Sheffield Trophy                               															 MDD F-16 Hellenic AF - D Foxall			
Mick Cawley Memorial Trophy                  “Afghan Graveyard” - S McConnell			
Peter Westbrook Memorial Trophy        															  Bristol Bulldog - K Dolman			
Richard Powell Memorial Trophy             																							 Spitfire Mk.IX - J Mills