The Expo Competition

These are the classes judged:

   Aircraft Classes    


Class 1    1/85th Scale and Smaller    

Class 2    1/72nd Scale (1/84th-1/70th) Basic Kit    

Class 3    1/72nd Scale (1/84th-1/70th) Modified Kit    

Class 4    1/69th Scale and Larger Basic Kit    

Class 5    1/69th Scale and Larger Modified Kit    

Class 6    Scratchbuilt & Vacform - Any Scale       

    Special Aircraft Classes     


Class 7      Junior Class  (Under 17)     

Class 8      U.S.Armed Forces     

Class 9      R.A.F./F.A.A.     

Class 10    Bombers (Any Scale)     

Class 11    Stick and String     

Class 12    Rotor Craft     

Class 13    Foreign Forces     

Class D2   Aircraft Diorama (any Scale)     


    Special Classes     


Class 14    Ships (Any Scale)     

Class M     Miscellaneous     

Class S     Science Fiction     

Class V     Civilian Vehicles (Road) any Scale     

Class V2   Civilian Vehicles (Competition and Track) any Scale     



    Military Classes     


Class D1   Military Diorama (any Scale)     

Class M1   1/51st Scale and Smaller (1/72nd-1/76th)     

Class M2   1/50th Scale and Larger (1/48th)     

Class M3   1/40th Scale and Larger (1/32nd-1/35th)     


    Figure Classes     


Class F1    Single Foot up to 54mm (Nominal)     

Class F2    Single Foot over 54mm     

Class F3    Partial Figures and Busts

In addition, the following returnable trophies may be awarded at the Judges’ discretion :


All trophies and certificates are awarded at the discretion of the head judge.

Classes may be varied without notice.

Our trophies are sourced from County Cups Ltd of Lincoln.

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